• Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry is a vital part of the body of Christ and in society. Our children’s ministry are committed to developing the faith of our precious little ones, leading them to love the Lord and the fellowship of the church through different activities. Our children’s teachers are equipped to teach and care for our children on Saturday mornings at 10h00.

Children’s Ministry is for children aged 3 – 12 years.


  • Youth Ministry

Our vibrant youth ministry provides biblical teaching sessions and empowerment for our young people in the church. Every Tuesday evening we have Prayer Cell from 18h00 to 19h00. On Friday evenings at 18h30 we have fellowship, teachings, praise and worship and discussion activities.

The Youth Ministry also has ministry trips to our network church and our overseas alliances. Under the leadership of Pastor Isaiah Norris, the Youth Ministry also offers visits to schools in our city to preach the Gospel of Jesus through singing, spiritual dancing and dramas.

Don’t wait, I invite you to come and join our youth ministry!


  • Music Ministry

We welcome different ethnicities and we sing songs to accommodate every believer to enhance their worship lifestyle in their mother tongue. Our worship team is made up of singers and sound technicians who give their time and energy to usher the people of God into an atmosphere of worship every week.

The Father longs for true worshippers as it is written in John 4:22. We relentlessly pursue the presence of the Lord and live in expectation that God’s Glory Cloud will fill our Sanctuary as it did in 2 Chronicles 5:13-14. Elder Leroy Wilson is the worship leader. We invite you to come and magnify the Lord with us!


  • Women’s Ministry

Our enthusiastic group of ladies meet in their different areas and once every three months we meet at our Sanctuary. The aim is to develop our ladies to become prayer warriors praying for our leaders, Cities, local community and the nations of the world. We also praise the Lord, through biblical teachings, different speakers, and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Our topics include home decoration, health, singing and praying. Under the leadership of Sister Myrna Norris and the support from all the pastors and elders’ wives, we invite you to visit our site often to see what events we have planned.


  • Ushers’ Ministry

The Ushers’ Ministry is a very important ministry in the church. As ushers we believe that we are called by the Lord to serve His people and to assist our Pastor to accomplish his goal to teach the Word of God. With a variety of functions this ministry is very visible and it plays a very important role before, during and after a church service or event.

Positioned strategically during services and events, our ushers are there to lend a helping hand, directing people in the right directions, collecting the offering and distributing information.

As you enter the foyer of our Sanctuary, you will find ushers who will meet and greet you, assist you to complete a visitor’s card and to find comfortable seating for you in the Sanctuary. Our ushers are warm, friendly and reflect the love of Christ in what they do.


  • Senior Citizens’ Ministry

The elderly in our church and community are looked after on a weekly basis by Pastor David Beck, where Holy Communion and prayers are shared with our aged.

Every year we also have a Christmas lunch for them. Please contact us if you want to volunteer and serve our elderly.

The Bible, God’s Word, is very clear about the care for the elderly. In the Old Testament God mentions the widows and orphans who should be cared for and protected (Exodus 22:22, Deuteronomium 27:19). Jesus continues with this in the in the New Testament (Matthew 23:14), and James goes on to say that caring for widows and orphans are the fruits of true worship (James 1:27).


  • Prayer Cells

Our prayer cells are a place where we share the word of God, pray and have discussions on how to overcome life’s challenges. The intimate settings of our cell groups encourages a relaxed atmosphere for first-time visitors.

Cell groups meet twice a week throughout Bloemfontein. Prayer cells are about building relationships, encouragement, prayer and the study of God’s Word.

To locate a prayer cell in your area, speak to our Elders.


  • Business People

This is a place where Kingdom-minded people come together to plan and see how they can advance the Kingdom of God. If you have a desire to start your own business or are an established business person, then it would be beneficial for you to join our forum.

Information about how to set up and start your own business will be discussed. All of what is presented here is rooted in the Word of God, it will benefit all who want to pursue success and security.


  • Poverty Breakers Organisation

The Poverty Breakers Organisation has been established by our Senior Pastor who has a desire to see that we feed the hungry, clothe the poor and lend a helping hand to those who are in need in our church and the community.

We run a feeding scheme for three primary schools and two high schools in various areas in Bloemfontein and around the Free State Province. We are currently supplying monthly grocery hampers to the church.

The goal is to see that these families become self-sufficient and empowered. If you would like to give donations in the form of clothes, money, food or volunteer in this ministry, please contact Pastor Gregory van Heerden on (051) 4305013 extension 216.


  • Orphans and Widows

This is a commandment from the Lord that we take care of the orphans and the widows according to Deuteronomy 14:29. If you have a heart for orphans then this is a place to become involved either through donations, volunteering your expertise or helping to plan events for the children.


  • Television Ministry

The Lord has spoken to Pastor Norris to enlarge his territory in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. On the 1st of July 2008, the television ministry of Pastor W.B. Norris was birthed. The All of Jesus programmes can be seen on the following channels and days:

On Kruiskyk Channel every Saturday evening at 19h00, South African time. The repeat of the programme is on Tuesday mornings at 10h00 and Wednesday evenings at 22h30.

Do not miss the All of Jesus broadcast!


Working together to build the Church of God stronger.

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